A couple of months ago I pushed the idea that Kazakhstan should start using ‘brown road signs’ on its highways to highlight touristic sites and to help guide tourists to them.  I was excited, therefore, to see reports in The Astana Times newspaper and in Akipress indicating that Kyrgyzstan has started to use such signs.

The U.S. Government (through USAID) undertook the project which entailed the installation of 42 road signs and four pedestrian guide maps, both for the purpose of making the country’s world-class tourist attractions more accessible to visitors.

The signs show visitors how to find bazaars, museums, famous sites like the ancient petroglyphs near Cholpon-Ata, the Jety-Oguz gorge, and Karakol’s historic Dungan Mosque and Orthodox Church.

The brown road signs adhere to the internationally-recognized parks and recreation color and format specifications, and they are easily visible to passing vehicles at night.

A presentation ceremony was held on December 8.  U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Alan Meltzer stated that tourism is a power driver of economic growth in the Kyrgyz Republic and that tourist signs are one of the most beautiful and useful projects to aid its growth.

Kazakhstan would do well to follow the lead of its southern neighbor.

Photo: from website of Akipress


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