Correction: First Hashing Event was in 1994

Hash House Harriers 9

Happy Runners! / Photos from Alan Delp

Toward the end of February 2016, I posted an article entitled “Hash House Harriers of Almaty” in which I assert that the first hashing event in Almaty was held on April 8, 1995.

Those of us who participated in that event thought it was the first, but Alan Delp has pointed out that the very first event took place nearly a year earlier, in May of 1994.  And he has supplied photographs some of which I will share with you.

Alan said that many of the participants were Peace Corps volunteers and people from various embassies, but at least a few came from the business sector.  Here Alan, in the blue shirt, is keeping a good pace:Hash House Harriers 7

Studying the route before setting off:

Hash House Harriers 12

This photo shows the first timers dousing themselves with beer at the end of the run:

Hash House Harriers 3

Dousing with beer can be a thrilling event:

Hash House Harriers 5

Drinks all around for those who finished the run (Alan Delp in the pale blue shirt looking at the camera) (faded film negative?) :

Hash House Harriers 2

And yet some more at the end of the trail (Maira Delp looking at the camera):

Hash House Harriers 11

OK folks, can you identify some of the people in the photos?  Let me know.

Missed the first article?  Don’t know what hashing is all about?  Look that article up on and check out other posts you might have missed.


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