Book Sampler: The London Eye

On a brief trip back to England, I and two friends from Kazakhstan made the obligatory trip to experience the London Eye in 2000, not too long after it opened.  The crowd was massive and the waiting time long.  We were in the queue to buy our tickets when one of my friends went scouting.

“Soon my friend returned to the ticket buying queue to report that she had found some Russians from Moscow who were well advanced in the main queue.  They were very happily holding ‘our places’ for us.  System beating survives in Russia too, and I guess that membership in the CIS brings with it the rights of international brotherhood and queue jumping.  My friend was proud of her achievement; I was appalled.  We were going to jump a large queue in England in broad daylight?”

West Meets East in Kazakhstan

By Thomas E. Johnson


Find more stories about Kazakhstan from the 1990s and later in my book, West Meets East in Kazakhstan.  It’s available in softcover or e-book format from AuthorHouse (the publisher), or Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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